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Our Services

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Whether you are looking to improve your production processes or elevate your products to FIFA standards, we can help. Imajica Consulting has the industry know-how and the right contacts to support you throughout the entire artificial turf timeline.


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We can help you decide what machinery you need, contacts with suppliers, or discuss potential modification or upgrades to your current set up.

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Yarn Production

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Yarn Production


Working with your team, we can help you decide what machinery suits your requirements and how to make the best use of your new investment. We can contact suppliers on your behalf or discuss potential modification or upgrades to your current structure so that you can get the optimum results for your clients.

Support Call

Product & Process Optimisation

We look at your current production practises and advise how you can make tailored adjustments to your processes to improve output, yarn performance, as well as reduce or reuse of waste.


Materials &

Testing Advice

We provide independent advice on raw materials and processing procedures, put you in touch with the most reliable industry contacts. We also have strong knowledge of the sports testing requirements from various sports governing bodies, as well as thorough understanding of sports-specific standards and how you can influence your properties to meet them.



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New Product Design, Problem-solving & Advice

We understand the current and future needs of the market, and use this to develop new, innovative products, finding inventive solutions to solve existing industry problems.


We also can design and advise on your trials’ programs.

We work hard to translate your ideas - from design to concept, right through to commercialisation.

We can offer extrusion support to your production team, should you have a quality problem and are looking for help to resolve the issue and get back on track. We understand that production is not a A+B=C process and can assist your team in root cause analysis and corrective action implementation.

Additional Services

Additionl Services
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Internal & External Quality Problems, & Complaints Issues

We investigate and report on internal quality issues, and provide external support for quality complaints. Furthermore, we undertake field inspections and help to settle disputes between supplier and client. Finally, we provide advice on testing protocols and document control procedures, as well as materials, machinery and other processes.


Independent, Third-Party Testing

We offer independent testing and reporting for common yarn issues, and can also organise for testing against various industry standards.

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